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Bring life and character to your room!

Whether you want to turn your terrace into a „recreational area“ with the cosy lounge atmosphere or your living room into a special place to make you feel good – together we’ll create a green oasis in your office and bring that holiday feeling to your winter garden.

The following services are offered:

Consultation at your place or in my showroom

It’s best to be on the safe side if you would like the new plants in your house or on the terrace to grow magnificently. I recommend you to make use of my offer to visit you at your home for consultation. This means you (and I) can be sure that you will get the right plants for the place that you have chosen. I can also take the opportunity to find the suitable pots and containers.

Finding suitable plants as well as pots and containers

When you have definite locations and surrounding conditions for the plants, I will see to it that you will get your new plants and the suitable pots/containers.

Written quotation including alternative suggestions

To give you an idea of how much it will cost, you will obtain the price quote in writing which shows different varieties for you to choose from – this way you can choose the one which suits your budget. It also comes with photographic documentation – because not everyone knows all the plants’ names or how they look.

Soil-grown plants and hydroculture plants

You would like to have plants that need little care and attention? Then hydroculture is the most suitable method. This is a simple method of growing plants, the reliable water level indicator will let you know when it is time to water the plants. Together with the care instructions which I adjust to your plants individually, you will know exactly when it is time to fertilize the plants or change the water. Traditional growing methods in pots/containers without drainage is suitable only for plant lovers with lots of experience. There can be many different humidities between soil layers – on the surface, it is very dry, a few centimeters further down it is moist – and at the bottom, it is still wet. If the plants are watered again at this moment, their roots stand in water and the plants will have root rot. Inexperienced people mostly notice this when the plant begins to die. To water your plants correctly, you must have a distinctive sense and the power of observation – moreover, each time before you water the plants, the soil moisture must be checked by sticking your finger into the soil to the correct depth.

Delivery, placing and planting

You won’t have to take care of anything – once you have given me the assignment, it usually takes three weeks to green up your place. Smaller plants that can be transported over the stairs or in a lift will be put in pots/containers and brought to your place myself. Larger plants will be brought separately and put in the and containers at your place. Before I start doing that, your floor will be neatly covered to protect it from dirt and scratches. Your new plants will be the only trace I will leave.

After sale advice and maintenance (by subscribing or on call)

Cutting/trimming the plants, cleaning their leaves or changing water is no hard work. Nevertheless, I would like to recommend a professional service which makes a great difference and prolong the life of your plants. As a professional, I not only trim the plants but also check the surrounding temperature/climate and light levels as well. Through anticipatory care, your plants will look healthy and strong for many years to come. And you can be sure that no-one will notice that the plants have been trimmed!

Keeping the leaves clean means the dust will be removed from the leaves. When the leaves are free of dust, they will be able to release moisture into the air more easily and give your room a pleasant atmosphere. It pays off to change the water two or three time a year – this helps the plants to grow well and prolong their lives. When the old water is taken out, fertiliser leftover, sludge particles created by dead bits of roots will also be removed, so nothing will prevent the roots from growing – this way the roots will grow well and not rot away.

This professional care also helps us find out what needs to be done in case of early infestation from pests or unsuitable location for the plants or if the plants do not develop fully. You can give me a call when your plants need a full service or we can arrange service intervals. You will never have to remember when the last service was – I will get in touch with you when the time comes. You will only have to open the door and let me in!

Upgrading or renewing greenery settings

Do the plants in your office or home give the place an out-of-date look? Are they perhaps still in rolling brown rectangular plastic containers from the last century? This can be changed! Plants are also a trademark and part of the trend. Very often, it is enough to just change the plant containers to give the plants a new look. Everyone who sees it will notice the difference and you will get compliments from them. You will improve your image and create the atmosphere that pleases everyone!

When you redecorate your home or office, it’s necessary to make sure that you also have the right plants match it. Do not hesitate to ask questions and inquire about reorganizing your plants – everything is possible!

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