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We’ll design your green idea

No half measures: We only do what’s right for you and the plants in keeping with your environment, your wishes, and the local site conditions. Unusual and rare planters make our compositions unique.

We’ll give you on-site advice

Just show us where you want to bring green into your living space. Rely on our assessment of the site conditions. We’re happy to make proposals that fit best from the pot to the plant and that you’ll enjoy for a long time.

We work with designer planters

We are constantly on the cutting edge looking for beautiful and exclusive things for your home. A pot shouldn’t just be the container for a beautiful plant, but rather a unique, eye-catching addition to the plant that matches the rest of the interior design or even THE eye-catcher.

Maintain means maintaining value

We’ll take regular care of your greenery with pleasure. You can rely on us: With our care services your plants will make a lasting impression even after many years, making your investment in green living worthwhile again and again.


We design green furniture


We create recreational spaces


We’ll design your offices


Inspiration right at the door


And recharge your batteries


Guests already feel welcome at reception

Care instructions - in writing - for each plant, where else can I get such comprehensive service?


We had already written off our plant due to its condition after several years with us, but now after one year it’s unrecognizable thanks to the care instructions of Mr. Hess! It’s great that there are professionals who appreciate and uphold the value of a living thing.

Privatkunde, Grossraum Zug

Two years ago, we wanted to replace our long-serving plants on the terrace. But Mr. Hess reminded us of the originals’ potential and beauty. And today, after intensive care and regular fertilization, we now see that it would have been a shame to act so hastily! It’s great to have an expert who not only sells new plants, but who also wants to maintain existing ones as well!

Privatkundin, Grossraum Zug

Our old plants were recently transplanted into new planters. It looks completely different. We see the impact of a modern planter on a plant in the positive reactions of our international visitors and employees.

Firmenkunde, Zug

Since my Christmas cactus is no longer in small clay pot, but rather in a handsome ceramic vase, it looks significantly more impressive. And thanks to switching to a natural mineral substrate with a water level indicator I only now realized that I apparently just haven’t been watering it enough in the past. The growth is amazing.

Privatkundin, Grossraum Aargau

Mr. Hess announces checks in twice a year with us for plant care. Each time I am amazed at how quickly half a year passes! I really appreciate this service, because then I don’t need to worry about anything myself.

Firmenkunde, Baar

Whenever Mr. Hess comes, it’s spring for sure!

Privatkundin, Zug

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